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Face Lift: Basic Details to Consider Before Surgery Health Articles | July 14 Luke Bolton Jersey UK , 2011

If you are planning to get a face lift to look a bit younger, you should get to know some of the facts to think about long before the surgery. Find out what to consider so you can discuss the information with your doctor.

There are many details to think about before getting a face lift. Your doctor should be able to let you know some of the basic facts, but you should also learn what to think about long before the consultation. Consider some of the details to work out before committing to this treatment.

One consideration to make is whether you want to smooth out the skin in your neck during this procedure. Many doctors encourage patients to combine neck lifts with their facial surgery, as this is easier than having two separate procedures years apart. Chances are good that you are just as unhappy with the skin on your neck as you are with your facial sagging, so you might as well get both issues taken care of at once. Of course Arijanet Muric Jersey UK , you can expect to pay extra to combine surgeries, and your recovery time will increase, so only get both procedures done if you need to. For example, many patients who opt for a mini face lift do not need any work done on the neck since they tend to be younger, requiring less work overall to smooth out their facial skin. Therefore Philippe Sandler Jersey UK , ask for your doctor's opinion before considering this option.

You should also work out the payment details far in advance of the surgery. You cannot expect medical insurance to pay for this procedure since it is considered purely cosmetic, but you have plenty of other options. For instance, if you do not have the cash up front, you can save up money, but this often means putting off the procedure for a few years while you save. If you do not want to go another year with saggy skin Brahim Diaz Jersey UK , consider putting the treatment on a credit card so you can pay it off slowly. You can also opt for a personal loan from your bank, if you do not have a credit card. However, many surgeons also offer a credit line that you can get just for medical bills. As long as you are approved, you can pay off your treatment over a couple of years, interest-free Phil Foden Jersey UK , so do not worry if you cannot afford it upfront. Talk to your surgeon about your payment options before the surgery to find out what you can do.

Finally, make sure to schedule your initial consultation long before you want the surgery. This will allow you to start making plans so you have the best experience possible. For example, having your initial visit just a couple of weeks before the face lift is not a good idea since you will not usually have time to get medical screenings done, stop smoking or taking certain medications, or prepare financially for the procedure. Instead Oleksandr Zinchenko Jersey UK , try to wait months between the consultation and the surgery, as you need time to think, make some decisions, and start preparing.

You can discuss this information with your doctor at the first visit, but it is nice to know long before your face lift how to prepare. Then you can make a final decision with input from your surgeon Gabriel Jesus Jersey UK , once you have thought about the details.

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