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The fun Home Business of writing Santa Letters

Posted by nick_niesen on October 28th Billy Price Youth Jersey , 2010


If you are looking for a business that can be run part time and has little to no start-up costs, a personalized child Santa letter business might just be for you. It requires no specialized skills or training, just love of the holiday season!


What is the Santa Letter Business?
With this personalized business, you will write letters to children on behalf of good ol聮Saint Nick himself. If you are still a kid at heart and love the wonder of Christmas Dre Kirkpatrick Youth Jersey , you'd be perfect for this business. We're not talking formal essays or novels here, just something nice and sweet that will appeal to children. If you feel you are lacking in writing skills, be sure to do some reading on this area and improving your skills.


What do you need to start a Santa Letter Business?
You will also need some basic knowledge of word processing software. You will also save yourself plenty of time learning how to do mail merges (allows you to input names, personal information Vontaze Burfict Youth Jersey , addresses, etc. into a template), so you can do many letters at one time. Just consult the help files of your word processing software to find out how to do this. If you use clip art or graphics in your letters, then you'll need to be familiar with any graphics software you use. You could do a more elaborate job if you are familiar with graphics software. Or you may want to just use printed stationery that already includes the graphics and pictures when you purchase it. So what you will need is a computer Carlos Dunlap Youth Jersey , printer and word processing software. You must also have the stationary supplies such as paper, envelopes, labels and stamps. Also little gifts and extras to include with the letters - small items like candy canes, activity sheets Tyler Eifert Youth Jersey , stickers, and confetti will be a good idea!


So here are some marketing ideas for you
Online - Partner with various parenting and child product websites. Promote their products and services on your website, in return for their promotion of your product. Also you can try selling your letter at online auctions, like eBay.


Press Releases - The media will love a story about how you bring joy to children at the holiday season.


Craft Fairs - Sell your products at craft fairs and flea markets. If you have a laptop and printer Geno Atkins Youth Jersey , you can easily print out letters made to order.


Fundraisers - Participate in a fundraiser with a local community organization. Allow them to take orders and keep a percentage of the sales for the fundraising effort. Don't forget to send out a press release for any fundraising effort.


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