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Other varieties of charms offered are family

BEIJING Wholesale Texas Longhorns Jersey , Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- The following is a list of the 172 alternate members of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) elected at the 19th CPC National Congress on Tuesday (listed in the descending order of ballots and, if their ballots are the same Wholesale South Carolina Gamecocks Jersey , the number of strokes in their surnames):


Ma Zhengwu Ma Weiming Ma Guoqiang (Hui)


Wang Ning (Fujian) Wang Yongkang Wang Weizhong


Wang Xudong Wang Xiubin Wang Junzheng


Wang Chunning Feng Jianhua Qumu Shiha (Yi)


Ren Xuefeng Liu Ning Liu Faqing


Liu Xiaokai (Miao) Yan Jinhai (Tibetan) Yan Zhichan (f.)


Li Qun Li Jinghao (Korean) Yang Ning (f. Bai)


Yang Wei Xiao Yingzi (f. Zhuang) Wu Qiang (Dong)


Wu Cunrong Wu Jieming Wu Shenghua (Buyi)


Zou Ming Shen Chunyao Song Guoquan


Zhang Guangjun Zhang Yuzhuo Zhang Zhifen


Zhang Zhenzhong Zhang Jinghua Chen Gang


Chen Yixin Chen Haibo Lin Shaochun


Hang Yihong Ouyang Xiaoping Norbu Dondrup (Tibetan)


Luo Hongjiang (Dai) Luo Qingyu Jin Donghan


Zhou Bo Zhou Qi Zhou Naixiang


Guan Qing Zhao Yupei Zhao Aiming (f.)


Zhao Deming (Yao) Hao Ping Hu Wenrong


Hu Henghua Duan Chunhua Yu Guang


Jiang Zhigang He Dongfeng He Junke


Jia Yumei (f.) Xu Zhongbo Xu Hairong


Xu Xinrong Gao Guangbin Guo Dongming


Tang Yijun Tang Dengjie Huang Minqiang


Huang Guoxian Huang Lixin (f.) Huang Xiaowei (f.)


Cao Jianguo Chang Dingqiu Cui Yuzhong


Ma Zhenjun Liang Tiangeng Kou Wei (Bai)


Peng Jinhui (Yi) Cheng Lianyuan Fu Xingguo


Xie Chuntao Lan Tianli (Zhuang) Cai Jianjiang


Pei Jinjia Tan Zuojun Dai Houliang


Yu Shaoliang Ma Shunqing (Hui) Wang Hong


Wang Zhaoli Wang Jingqing Wang Xiaoyun (f.)


Wang Endong Fang Xiang Kong Changsheng


Deng Xiaogang (PLA) Erkin Tuniyaz (Uygur) Shi Zhenglu


Shen Changyu Feng Zhenglin Lyu Jun


Li Jia Li Yuchao Li Xiaobo


Yang Guangyue (Naxi) Wu Zhaohui He Yaling (f.)


Zhang Gong Zhang Jiangting Zhang Fuhai


Chen Xu (f.) Chen Siqing Fan Ruiping


Yi Gang Yi Huiman Yi Lianhong


Zhao Huan Zhao Yide Zhong Denghua


Xin Changxing Shi Xiaolin (f.) Qian Zhimin


Guo Mingyi Tang Huajun Tang Liangzhi


Huang Zhixian Ge Huijun (f.) Jing Junhai


Cheng Lihua (f.) Fu Ziying Jiao Yanlong


Lei Fanpei Shen Haixiong Cai Songtao


Yan Xiaodong Pan Gongsheng Ma Tingli (Hui)


Wang Hai Wang Xi Wang Yinfang


Wang Yanling (f.) Mao Wanchun Ulagan (f. Mongolian)


Yin Hong Tian Guoli Le Yucheng


Liu Shiquan Sun Dawei Yin Hejun


Chen Qing (f.) Hu Changsheng Cao Shumin (f.)


Miao Jianmin Wei Gang Wang Jiong


Wang Wentao Mao Weiming Deng Xiaogang (Sichuan)


Ren Hongbin Li Jing (f.) Li Yinghong


Wu Xiaoguang Song Yushui (f.) Tuo Zhen


Pan Yue Ding Yexian Wang Lixia (f. Mongolian)


Ning Jizhe Yang Jincheng Shu Qing (Manchu)


Yao Zengke






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