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Celeste was signed to a talent agency at 19 when she decided to try something new. Being new didn’t stop her when she booked famous campaigns for clients like Paul Mitchell and Yahoo. She was determined to break into theatrical work, when she auditioned for the starring role on Destination X her life started to take another interesting turn. She sped race cars, flew jets and visited exotic locales in that series from Hawaii to California. Celeste had the look but also had the smarts to write for the show. After two seasons of thrills she moved on to write for another series and as a screenwriter has already written up 24 episodes of television for her resume. Not bad for a pretty face that can add script writer to her amazing resume of portraits and movies. Her edgy attitude isn’t only for television Wholesale Terry Mills Jersey , she set off a blasting explosion when she torched her truck in the movie Room Nine. She is pretty badass for a cute charity worker. Don’t let her pleasure for fear fool you she has a great sense of humor. She wasn’t afraid to step up for a romantic scene with sitcom stud Neil Patrick Harris in CBS’ hit tv show How I Met Your Mother. While Barney Stinson tried to pick up on her sweet adorable character Lisa she got the last laugh to the splash of a Martini in his face. Episode details tell us the Zoo Or False episode of How I Met Your Mother also featured the Monkey Man song by the Rolling Stones.


As luck would have it the acclaimed director Jonas Akerlund picked Celeste Thorson to be in his Rolling Stones music video Rain Fall Down where you guessed it, she makes a cameo dancing in the rain. Yes being in a Rolling Stones music video does add to your awesomeness giving you an extra edge, but is still only a glimpse of her interests. With guts and glory this head turner has got magnetism to spare and comedic timing to die for  Wholesale Joe Dumars Jersey , making her any person’s dream girl.


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