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Custom New Air Jordan 1 Supreme x Louis Vuitton Online
 New Jordans 2017, Today, Red Ribbon Recon, a custom team of sneakers, showed us their designs. Inspired by the Supreme x Louis Vuitton baseball shirt, this section of the shoes use enduring Air Jordan 1 as a blueprint, the shoe body adopts the Supreme iconic red through and Louis Vuitton Logo covered with upper, supplemented by laser Tan leather leather superscript, silk printed tongue and high-grade lambskin Swoosh, the overall design highlights the highlight of luxury.
New Air Jordan Shoes, The entire upper is presented in red tannins, and the Nike Swoosh logo in white lambskin is a classic symbol of the Nike Air with brown leather on the tongue. This customer-made shoes accessories are also very complete, with red, white and black lace, plus the custom Supreme x Louis Vuitton key ring, shoe box is not sloppy, printed full version of the Louis Vuitton brand pattern. Detail embellishment laser tanned leather leather superscript, silk printed tongue and high-grade lambskin Swoosh, will reveal the luxurious atmosphere, while the shoebox has also been re-built.
Jordans 2017, Air Jordan 1 new "Supreme x Louis Vuitton" color. Maintain a very high overall Air Jordan 1 shoe protection, the material of this shoe body selected raw materials, red tannins baseball shirts throughout, in addition to a very high loyalty of a single product, but also the custom unit Excuse me. In addition, laser tanned leather leather superscript and cortical Swoosh logo dotted them, creating a strong design atmosphere.

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