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Since July 2, it shut at hk $19. eighty six / share, up fifty two. 3% on the day. Its previous price expectations has exceeded hk 10 dollars billion. According to public information, The far east tobacco Hong Kong was established 7 years ago, headquartered in Hong Kong, and it is the designated overseas system of China tobacco worldwide in charge of capital market procedure and Marlboro Lights Cigarettes international Cheap Newport 100s Online business growth. ZhongYan international, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China nationwide tobacco corporation, through the business of Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA tobacco products industry and regulatory overseas associated company of operation as well as overseas investment of China and taiwan national tobacco corporation to attempt the management of the Cina national tobacco corporation's global business and operations, based on the prospectus ZhongYan Hong Kong's main business is split up into four parts: the first is the actual import of tobacco items, the company from a global (Brazil, Argentina, etc . ) to buy tobacco products, and resell to Chinese cigarette production enterprise; The second is the foreign trade of tobacco products.

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