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The replica Soccer Shorts AAA you may need
 For those of you familiar with replica Soccer Shorts AAA all I don't need to explain to you what happens on the field but for those who aren't sure let me refresh you on some of the unwritten soccer rules that exist. You may see from time to time the play stopping, and one team gives the ball on purpose back to the other team. Why do they do this? and how did it get to that? Well in the run of play if a player goes down injured and he/she is clearly injured and the ref has not blown their whistle to stop play the athletic therapist can't come on the field until play is whistled dead. 
This is known as FIFA Fair Play or just good sportsmanship on behalf of the team that kicked the ball out. So by rule it is now the other teams ball, so because the team kicked it out on purpose so that the other teams player could get treatment the team then gives the ball to the other team almost thanking them for doing it. Really sounds more complicated then it really is, but now if you see it on tv you will understand what is happening. For example, lets say your team is up 5-0 with a few minutes to play, running up the score, stopping and doing tricks like juggling the ball and other similar acts are frowned upon even if not considered illegal. There's no need for it and your team can gain a poor image and lose the respect of other teams. With all of the 50/50's, challenges in the air and two foot challenges, players will find themselves on the ground sometimes with players draped over them. What's the classy thing to do? Give your hand out to help a player up. You won't find it in the soccer rules manual but it's something we all know we should do.
So what's the unwritten rule here? No racist or religious comments allowed. I'd love to say no family or mother slurs but we all know it happens. Soccer rules are in place to prevent this but it's impossible to stop it all.

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