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. When you line up ri
September 24 2014 . When you line up ri

What Is a Nose Guard in Football

In a 3 4 defensive setup, the nose guard is situated Brandon Boykin Green Jersey in the middle of the defensive line and his primary area of responsibility is to disrupt the opponent's interior running game. To stop the opponents from running the ball consistently in the middle of the line, the nose guard tries to get his shoulder pads underneath his opponent's. This allows him to push backward and disrupt and clog the running lanes the offensive linemen are trying to establish. A good nose guard will always try to Alex Henery Youth Jersey play his position with leverage.

Find The Ball

One of the most difficult and overlooked aspects of the nose guard's position is that he must find the ball carrier and then make a play. When you line up right across from the center in a three or four point stance, you are low to the ground and you may have a hard time seeing into the backfield. Yet you must locate the ball carrier from the formation the team is in and get through the line so you can tackle him before he has a Brandon Boykin Jersey chance to pick up significant yards and make a big play. This requires film study to know your opponent's tendencies, the ability to fight off blocks and the quickness to knife through and hit the ball carrier.

Nose Tackle and Defensive Tackle Differences

The two most common defensive setups are the 4 3 defense and www.eaglesofficialonline.com/Nike-Bradley-Fletcher-Jersey.html the 3 4 defense. In the 4 3, the defense has four defensive linemen and three linebackers. In the 3 4 set, the defense has three defensive linemen and four linebackers. Alex Henery Authentic Jersey In the 3 4, the nose guard does the same job as the two defensive tackles in the 4 3 setup. This means he must be a dynamic player who has overpowering strength, http://www.eaglesofficialonline.com/Nike-Chuck-Bednarik-Jersey.html quickness, instincts and understanding of the game. If a team does not have a nose tackle with these characteristics, it may have to consider switching to a 4 3 setup.

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