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Major brands have been stung by bad publicity. This year, War on Want, a nonprofit group, found that workers in five factories making products for Nike, Puma and Adidas were paid less than the minimum wage and complained of workplace abuse and sexual harassment. In March, the parent company of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, PVH Corp., hurriedly donated $1 million toward a factory safety initiative as ABC News was preparing to broadcast a report on a fire that killed 29 workers in Bangladeshi factory making clothes for Tommy Hilfiger..

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General Gormley met Mary R. Timmerman when she was in high school and they began dating during their college years. She recalled that he was mail during the holiday season when he delivered Christmas cards to her home in the 1950s and asked her to go on their first date at an ROTC ball..

When it comes to exercise, you can't get much more effective than running. It may not be the most fun activity out there (although my marathon maniac sister might beg to differ), but it certainly gets the job done. Not only is it just about the most efficient way to burn calories, but it's been shown to strengthen your heart and lungs, promote a healthy flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body, and build your stamina.

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