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he pilot's capture, say

ISIS captures Jordanian pilot after warplane crashes in Syria

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileISIS militants captured a Jordanian pilot after his warplane crashed in Syria while carrying out airstrikes Wednesday, making him the first foreign Kai Forbath Jersey military member to fall into the extremists' hands since an international coalition launched its bombing campaign against the group months ago. and its Arab and European allies in the air campaign.The capture and the potential hostage situation presented a nightmare scenario for Jordan, which vowed to continue its fight against the group that has overrun large parts of Syria and Iraq and beheaded foreign captives. military insisted the plane was not shot down.How well armed are ISIS militants?Analysis: The 'unknown unknowns' of confronting ISIS in IraqCanada won't expand airstrikes to Syria, Baird saysISIS in Iraq: Captive Yazidi women and Kory Lichtensteiger Jersey girls faced brutal sexual Perry Riley Jersey violence"Evidence clearly indicates that ISIL did not down the aircraft as the terrorist organization is claiming," Central Command said in a statement. Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, who is overseeing all coalition military operations in Iraq and Syria, condemned the pilot's capture, saying in a statement: "We will support efforts to ensure his safe recovery and will not tolerate ISIL's attempts to misrepresent or exploit this unfortunate aircraft crash for Authentic Brandon Meriweather Jersey their own purposes."Relatives of the Jordanian pilot who was captured by ISIS after his plane was shot down congregate in front of his family's home in the city of Karak, Jordan.Jordanian Information Minister Mohammad Momani earlier told the AP that the plane Logan Paulsen Redskins Jersey was believed to have been shot down."It is our expectation that the plane went down because of fire from the ground, but it is difficult to confirm that, with the little information we have," he said.ISIS is known to have Russian made Igla anti aircraft missiles. The shoulder fired weapon has long been in the Syrian and Iraqi government arsenals; it was used during the 1991 Gulf War by Iraqi forces to bring down a British Tornado jet, for example. More recently, militants in Chechnya have used them to down Russian helicopters.

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