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wine. Alcohol Fred J
July 10 2015 wine. Alcohol Fred J

How to Create an Arduino Compatible Bluetooth 4

First, I'm a homeless outreach worker; I'm not an engineer of any sort. It's really not that hard. 1. As I'm sure it is apparent Authentic Bruce Smith Jersey by now, I'm all hack. BT 3.3v 3.3v BT RX FTDI TX BT TX FTDI RX Leodis McKelvin Bills Jersey BT IO1 LED 220 Res. I'm still working with these little modules; so Andre Reed Jersey if I come up with new versions I'll try to keep this updated. If someone wants to review .

DON'T BE SCARED. It's really not that hard.

1. Authentic Marcell Dareus Jersey There are three musts to SMD, at least from my perspective: a small iron tip, precision tweezers, thread like solder (at least .022" solder wire).

2. Other important soldering tools: A wet sponge and brass ball will keep your fine soldering tip fine. Sponge the solder tip, then run it through the brass ball after each component to prevent build up.

3. To speak blasphemy: Flux is ok, but I find the tweezers often take place of the flux.

4. Practice using both hands during soldering. Tweezers in one and solder iron in the other.

5. The drag to solder method will be what you use on this board.

7. Have a cup of wine. Alcohol Fred Jackson Jersey reduces performance on most skills, except, skills that involve fine motor control, there is a marked 20% improvement. Jim Kelly Bills Jersey Though, this relationship is curve linear. One glass is good, two glasses and you'll smoke something.

Bio:I'm a homeless outreach worker in Fort Worth, Texas. I hack away on electronics as a way to deal with the stress; a type of meditation in hopes I don't fall prey to compassion fatigue or burnout.

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