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Sometimes, women tend to complicate things when it comes to their fashion accessories. And as far as their fashion handbags are concerned, there are simple reminders that are often taken for granted or neglected which could lead to the easy wear and tear of those beautiful fashion items Louis Vuitton Canada. So if you want to keep your designer bags looking good and new and prolong their lives in the process, follow these simple reminders. Never put your handbags on the floor for obvious reasons, of course - the dirt and dust. If you have a habit of putting your bags on the floor then better cut it and instead, put your bags either at the empty seat beside you, the space behind you where you are sitting or on top of your lap. In other words, don't put your bags in unclean places.
 Whenever you handle your bags, make sure that you washed your hands and that they are free from dirt and oils that you may transfer to your bags and ruin them as a result.

Cleaning your bags is a must but then again, do not overdo it. Scrubbing them and applying cleaning chemicals more times than what is needed can potentially weaken the material of your bags and will eventually result to tearing Louis Vuitton Australia Online. Put some tissue paper as stuffing for your fashion handbags and cover them with soft cloth whenever you plan to store them for a long period of time. This way, you can protect them from dirt and keep their proper form and shape as well.Do not opt for plastic of vinyl when storing your handbags. These two materials are not that breathable and what they'll do is trap the moisture inside which will eventually result to mold formation. Molds on your fashion handbags isn't really something that you want to see together, right?Whenever you are walking or in transit especially in public transportation, make sure that you fasten or zip your bags. Doing this will not only keep your valuables from falling off but will also protect your bags from stress, particularly on their sides.Bag liners are excellent investments especially if you want to protect the inside portion of your bags from perfume that can accidentally spill and ruin them.

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