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The paint wooden door maintenance instructions
More to the summer, will find home always been pounding like wooden door, in varying degrees of cracks, deformation, and to take off the lacquer "injured" symptoms. Actually general wood paint are all can't avoid this kind of symptom, because wood products will appear the phenomenon of expansion at high temperature. So we need to learn to certain maintenance, so, how to maintain?

Wood paint maintenance notice the following:
1, clear wood stain on the surface, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe, it is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. Smear is too heavy, can use neuter cleaner, toothpaste or special cleaning agent, furniture to stains and wipe dry after.

2, pay attention to water cloth soaked in neutral reagents or have not long placed in the surface of wooden door, otherwise it will damage the surface, the surface veneer material change color or splitting.
3, pay attention to don't too much scoured the edges and corners of wooden door, otherwise it will cause angular paint falls off.

Often 4, hinges, locks accessories, loose occurs, should immediately tightened, hinge position noise should be filling in time, when the lock open is not flexible, can add pencil lead foam into the keyhole, literally filling.

Home a door is need maintenance, of course, consumers want to buy wood door, to "protect their wood door".

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