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Pioneer Square Restaurants

Pioneer Square Restaurants

I'm not really sure where to begin. Six of us went there for a late holiday lunch. The space is great, but the "great" ends there. Although the restaurant was not very full, service crawled and it. more >I'm not really sure where to begin. Six of us went there for a late holiday lunch. The space is great, but the "great" ends there. Although the restaurant was not very full, service crawled and it took forever to get our food. We all started with cocktails which came in tiny juice glasses. Not sure what they were thinking, but a Manhattan or Martini needs a proper glass. Wholesale Hats

We tried each of the tartine's as appetizers and none were "wow." The halibut with persimmons was not only fishy tasting but visually unappealing. Six of us had no interest in finishing that. The other tartines lacked much flavor despite sounding great. Between us we split two whole roasted chickens and one steak. Steak did not have much flavor. The roast chicken, while moist, was more steamed than roasted. The skin was stretchy and rubbery and not something you would want to eat. I hate to say it, but the $4.99 roast chicken I had bought on sale at QFC earlier in the week was much tastier and a much better bargain compared with the $34 for a full chicken. On a positive note, the Kale Salad was exceptional and we ordered extra ones. The deserts were also a disappointment as we ordered one of each, dry and not very flavorful. chi flat iron official website

In the middle of lunch there was a shift change, our server left without a word, no goodbye, have a nice day or introduction of the new server who was going to replace her. Just bizarre in the way it was handled.

Let's start with the owner, Mick McHugh. He's there almost every day and he knows he takes care of his customers. I've never seen him be anything but congenial and open to criticism and compliments. He's a Seattle institution and I hope he remains so for many years to come.

With regard to the menu, FX makes the best prime rib sandwich in the city. The fresh grated horse radish and au jus (I mix these together) and the perfectly cooked large slabs of prime rib make for a sandwich that forces me to return to the restaurant regularly just to get my fix.

In terms of panko recipies, Mick's got that down to a science. I have beenaround the world and eat out more than I eat in and since I was a kid, I have been an onion ring fanatic. FX has the best onion rings on the planet, period. They use the same breading on their fish and chips (cod), and so by extension, they have the best cod sticks you can get anywhere. I've been to restaurants that charge a lot more but have never had anything better. Their clam chowder is also fantastic. Cheap Snapbacks

The happy hour menu is fine, well priced, and it is what it is, happy hour food. Kobe beef and you can wash everything down with one of the best tap beer selections in the city. chi flat irons

Finally, I'd like to comment on thier prices. If you can get there for lunch, do it. Their dinner prices go way up for what is essentially the same food. Almost every restaurant in the city does this though, so I don't deduct points from the business model. They do it to stay open. McRory's, Ray's Boathouse, Chandler's on Lake Union, Salty's on Alki (best Sunday brunch on Planet Earth), The Metropolitan Grill, Mioposto, The Icon Grill (fried chicken and meatloaf to die for, but their breakfasts are subpar), The Coastal Kitchen, Endoline Joes (for breakfast), Cafe Campagne, Il Terrazzo Carmine (Italian at its finest), and finally, McCormick's Fish House Bar. All are winners.

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