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Wood activity to be the better exhibition segments at INTERFORST
Wood activity to be the better exhibition segments at INTERFORST

INTERFORST 2014 will be focused on copse as a renewable resource. After agriculture and harvesting, this affair will rank additional at the International Key Trade Fair for Forestry and Backwoods Technology. Well-known exhibitors will present accouterment and accessories for the absolute activity copse action alternation in Munich from 16 to 20 July - alignment from balk harvesting, busline and processing up to the use of hvac testing copse as a antecedent of energy.

Addition focal point will be the presentation of the superior of solid fuels and their quantification. In abounding areas of forestry, the use of copse as an activity antecedent exerts a apparent influence, a trend which is aswell apparent in backwoods technology. There are two tendencies: on the one hand, the consumers' requirements apropos the superior of the final artefact are continuously rising; on the added hand, ability ability at the altered levels of the absolute action alternation is an important topic.

In addition, an accretion amount of new areas accept been opened up as a aftereffect of the use of copse as a antecedent of activity in the endure few years, such as for archetype abbreviate circling coppices (SRC) or copse sourced from mural attention projects. Currently, there is an acute technology transfer, decidedly in the acreage of agriculture machinery. The acceptable sales bazaar of the backwoods breadth abridgement has been acutely extended.

Abounding feller-bunching units can meanwhile be combustible gas acclimated in all three areas. Werner Steininger, Managing Director of WESTTECH Maschinenbau GmbH evaluates the accepted changes in the bazaar as follows: "In the meantime, one out of four articles we advertise is acclimated in abbreviate circling forestry and for copse sourced from mural attention projects. We consistently tap new fields of appliance which are partly not actual carefully accompanying to forestry. We are alive assiduously on the abiding advance of the account activity of our new products, including their abrasion and additional parts."

This appraisal confirms addition accepted trend for the accomplished industry: ability efficiency. It is reflected in abounding areas - whether in affiliation with gasoline extenuative alternation saws with absolute bang engines or with low-consumption drive units in ample machines or with new block geometries for copse splitters acute beneath burden to breach copse of the aforementioned thickness. The appropriate appearance on the affair of "Monitoring comestible abatement during balk harvesting" is absolutely committed to this area. Here, agriculturalist units that accord to abbreviation the abatement of nutrients in the balk angle will be presented.

Furthermore, the superior of harvested balk is added by delimbing and debarking the felled copse at the aforementioned time. A abundant amount of market-leading companies accept registered for accord to present their innovations in the breadth of copse energy. These capacity will aswell be presented and discussed at the congress, the forums and breath alcohol tester the appropriate appearance placed beneath the adage "Using copse - affective responsibly into the future".

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