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Neymar rape accuser Najila Trindade charged with fraud
A woman who accused football superstar Neymar of rape has been charged with fraud.Police in Brazil said they have charged Najila Trindade with fraud, extortion and slander.Her former husband Estivens Alves will also be indicted on fraud charges, Sao Paulo state police said in a statement.To get more najila trindade mendes, you can visit shine news official website.

The former Brazil captain was accused of raping Ms Trindade in a Paris hotel room in May, which he strongly denied.Ms Trindade's lawyer Cosme Araújo was “surprised” by her indictment announced on Tuesday.

He rejected the police accusations and said his client had never colluded with Mr Alves to extort money from the footballer.

The case dominated headlines worldwide for several weeks, injuring Neymar’s international career and causing him sponsorship headaches.The scandal blew up on June 2 when Neymar published a seven-minute video on Instagram, where he had first been in contact with the alleged victim, revealing that he had been accused of rape.

In an attempt to defend himself against the allegations, Neymar's video was accompanied by WhatsApp messages and images of his encounter with Trindade, which were published without her consent.

Extracts of a televised interview later aired with Trindade, in which she accused Neymar of "aggression together with rape".

In the following weeks, Neymar was questioned by police over the WhatsApp messages.He also appeared before police in Sao Paulo, where Trindade had filed her complaint at the end of May.

Police later filed a defamation suit against Trindade, who was dropped by multiple lawyers, after she insinuated the force was corrupt.At the end of July, the São Paulo attorney general's office said the case against Neymar had been dropped owing to a lack of evidence.

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