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UNStudio's Raffles City Hangzhou is an all-in-one destination for living, working, and leisure
Dutch firm, UNStudio, has completed their largest single building to date—the new Raffles City mixed-use development described by the firm as "a sustainable urban hub for living, working and leisure." Back in 2009, the firm opened their Shanghai office to oversee the complex's design and construction. Living in Hangzhou

Conceived as a vertical city, the structure occupies almost 400,000 square meters of space and will offer a rich mix of 24/7 functions. The two streamlined, 250-meter tall towers house residential units, Grade A offices, the Conrad Hotel and a rooftop helipad. The six-story podium and plaza, which has direct underground connection to the metro, offer retail, restaurants, leisure facilities and parking.

The design is representative of the distinctive, sinuous style the firm has become known for. The pair of winding towers, featuring an outer layer of rotated, vertical solar shading fins, placed atop the curtain wall system, starts calmly at the base and builds up more vigorously along the vertical axis. Situated in Qianjiang New Town near Qiantang River, the design reflects the movement in the nearby river and contributes to the landscape character of the green city. These expressions also allow a wide array of programming to be contained into one seamless flow.

At the base, the podium, clad in a shimmering scale-like skin of aluminium tiles, centers around a spectacular atrium that forms the organizational and visual focus. "The atrium is designed as a spiral of overlapping layers, creating seamless connectivity and extensive sightlines between the spaces" explained the firm.

The building is designed with a carefully considered mix of programs that bring together a wide range of users, foster a healthy and socially integrated environment, and ensure a safe and lively neighborhood by providing activity around the clock. The project furthers the firms research into the concept of 'Superliving,' which involves strategies for organizing sustainable, healthy cities that offer a high quality of life through mixed programing and the creation of unique environments.

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