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Dance Class For Kids: We Introduce Your Child To Excellence.

Kids dance classes are not all equal and placing your child in an excellent dance school is not easy. That is, if you care to enroll them in a dance school that offers wide ranging benefit. We know how busy you are and how tempting the lure is to look for 'kids dance classes near me', but you should resist. Do you assume that all dancing classes for kids are alike? They are not. The range in quality is staggering.Children dancing course in Shanghai
This page is a summary that will introduce you to American Dance Institute's Children's Program mission, approach, reasoning and your child's golden opportunity.
Kids love to move and when you play music, they dance around the room. Observe them closely and you will notice that they repeat the same movements over and over. They not only have a limited early speaking vocabulary, they have a limited early movement vocabulary. As they become familiar with movement concepts, they can understand points of reference and perspective. For example, they will take one movement that feels very familiar in their body and with our instructor’s guidance make it into a dozen different movement variations. They'll try it high, try it low, try it backwards, upside down, with a partner etc. It’s all wrapped in fun creative themes and it opens up unlimited possibilities to move, express and relate to the world around them.
Our dancing class for kids program leverages a child's love of movement with a movement vocabulary and we build on that vocabulary to help them define the physical and social world around them. Dance is more than physicality, it involves intellect, creativity, and discipline. Our dance program helps a child develop richer context and perspective. Kid's love our dance classes because they are fun. We make learning dance fun because it works.
Very young children should NOT compete against one another. In American Dance institute's kids dance classes, we emphasize non-competitive behavior. Competition has it's place in the world but young children are not ready for it. They lack the proper framework to understand it's fierce nature. In our kids dancing classes, children are taught to compete with themselves, not with other students, and not with your child. Comparing themselves to other children who may have more or less natural ability is not an effective metric.

Dance, like all art forms, requires both technique and creativity. Our mission is to teach children proper dance technique (emphasis here) and to engage in and trust in their creative abilities. We work hard to eliminate tension, selfishness and disrespect from our classroom so that personal creativity with confidence can blossom.

Competitive behavior, when removed from the classroom, is replaced by supportive and encouraging behavior. And this, dear reader, is why your child always feels welcome and accepted in our dance classes, that they belong in the class, no matter their proficiency, gender or body type. It is a wonderful, healthy, accepting environment to experience and learn in.

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