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Madden 20 Beta Review: Pretty Face, Same Personality
Madden 20 Beta Review: Pretty Face, Same Personality

Disclaimer: We were not given codes by EA Sports for this review on the Madden 20 beta. Access to the beta was available to everyone through the Madden 20 Twitter. This review is solely based on the beta version of the game that didn’t include Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode or Madden Ultimate Team. We were not allowed to stream, record clips, or grab screenshots during the beta.HUT Coins
Following a Madden 19 game that had issues throughout – from players teleporting from one side of the field to another, players impossibly breaking tackles to even not being called down when tackled – Madden 20 was hoped to be the savior of EA Sports’ annual NFL franchise that, if we’re being honest, has been lazy since the publisher earned the exclusive rights to the NFL in 2005.One of the most anticipated modes coming to Madden 20 is the Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode that puts the player in the journey of an NFL superstar quarterback, from college through the combine, draft, and eventually through the NFL. The new mode replaces its “Longshot” story mode that did the same thing through quarterback Devin Wade, just briefly.
It wasn’t available in the beta, but it’s expected to play like NBA 2K’s MyCareer, or NBA Live’s The One – both player career modes that guide the player through their own story with certain goals to attain and choices to make that could send the player in one direction or another.
What was included in the beta was the new Superstar X-factor ability. Superstar X-factor gives NFL Superstar players a certain in-game boost if they achieve certain goals, getting them “in the zone.” For example, Patrick Mahomes’ zone ability is “bazooka,” which allows him to throw about the length of the field if he completes three passes over 30 yards.
Players can get knocked out of their x-factor if they have bad plays – for example, Mahomes loses his zone ability if he gets sacked or throws a pick.
Superstar players also have Superstar abilities, including full-game boosts that give them an edge over other players. Julian Edelman has a boost called “Slot-o-Matic,” which increases his stats out of the slot.
It may seem like a lot, however, it barely affected the game. It felt a lot like a player’s “Takeover” in NBA 2K19. It’s a boost, and it’s there if you can get it, but it’s not something that’ll dominate games come August.buy more mut 19 coins Click Here

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