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Lepin Factories Raided and Boss Arrested
LEGO has finally won their lawsuit against Lepin, which sees the latter having to shut down their company and pay LEGO RMB 4.5 million (~RM2.7 million). But it seems like LEGO’s battles with Lepin are far from over. Lepin has started off NUOGAO, which continues Lepin’s lineup of counterfeit Lego sets.To get more lepin, you can visit shine news official website.
All the references in Lepin’s website to the new brand has been removed, which seems somewhat curious since they seem to have been around for quite some time. A quick Google search even reveals the NUOGAO logo printed on a copy of the LEGO Technic Buggati Chiron which is worth at least RM1550 on Lazada.
Lepin will probably continue to sell their lineup of products under NUOGAO until LEGO sues them again, gets stuck in a two-year lawsuit and finally wins. And probably the cycle will just repeat again after that, given China’s lax copyright laws.
Depending on what time zone you’re in, this is either some early morning news or late night news. The Shanghai Police has announced on their Weibo that they have successfully raided a few Lepin factories and the boss, surnamed Li, has been arrested. If you didn’t know, LEGO has been taking legal action against the company for almost three years and even though they supposedly won an infringement case against them last year, Lepin was still producing counterfeit sets.
According to the post, there were three warehouses raided, four people arrested, including Li, and police confiscated 90 production molds and 630,000 finished products ready to be sold which equated to more than 200 million yuan (~$30 mil USD). You can check out more images of the raid in the link above.

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