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2K producer explains decision to go with Dwyane Wade for NBA 2K20
2K senior producer Erick Boenisch has finally explained why they decided to choose Dwyane Wade over Dirk Nowitzki for the cover of the NBA 2K20 Legend Edition.

Per SubReal of AltChar, Boenisch admitted that the reason behind the Wade selection wasn’t that “great.” They chose Wade partly because 2K has worked with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal — two basketball icons that Wade has played with. Boenisch also noted that in the future, Nowitzki’s time might come.buy mt

Since the company revealed Wade would be the cover athlete of the NBA 2K20 Legend edition, a ton of fans suggested to release an alternative cover featuring Nowitzki, especially since he and the Miami Heat icon retired at the same time. It would’ve been the perfect dedication to the legendary careers of the two.

As Boenisch said, Nowitzki is still a legend in their eyes. Maybe in the next Legend Edition of 2k, the German will grace the cover of the video game.Click to Buy

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