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Seven things you might have missed in the new FIFA 20 trailer

Set to be released worldwide on September 27th, or 24th for those with early access, the anticipation is growing.To keep the hype going ahead of the launch, EA Sports have released a new trailer called ‘The Bunker’ focusing on player ratings.The video opens with a shot of Brazilian legend Kaka entering a bunker before his face is scanned. While the scan appears, we get a glimpse of Kaka’s Ultimate Team card, a 91-rated CAM which boasts 92 dribbling and 90 pace.futcoins

Could this be the former AC Milan midfielder’s Prime ICON card?

It appears so as towards the end of the video, EA Sports so kindly provide us with all three of Kaka’s ICON options, from 87-rated to 91-rated.Focus switches to Jesse Lingard testing his shooting by volleying balls at targets as they drop from the ceiling.After a few shots, the video flashes to a screen showing Lingard’s rating being calculated from the tests.

The Manchester United and England midfielder is revealed to be 82-rated, with 83 dribbling his best attribute.This means Lingard has the same overall rating as in FIFA 19, his physical and defending scores up while pace and dribbling declined.

3. Raheem Sterling’s upgrade

Up next is Raheem Sterling, whose pace rating is assessed by a speedometer, clocking in at 93 to make it his highest-rated attribute for FIFA 20.All of which adds up to the overall total of 88, an upgrade of three from his initial FIFA 19 card, and fully deserved after the season he had with Manchester City.
4. VOLTA tease with Joao Felix

EA Sports then offer a tease of the new VOLTA game mode, which will allow fans to take football to the streets.But it is only a tease, with the next section focussing on Joao Felix, who is testing his dribbling skills.Showing close control of the ball as well as quick footwork, Felix is revealed to have five-star skill moves for FIFA 20 and what appears to be 80 dribbling.
5. Vinicius Jr gets his rating

After a shot sends the bunker crazy with glitches, there is the briefest of moments where Vinicius Jr’s overall rating is revealed to be 79.This is an increase of two from his initial 77-rated FIFA 19 card.
6. Ones to watch reveals Hazard’s rating

The glitches also reveal six Ones to Watch cards, including Joao Felix. The Atletico Madrid summer signing is joined by fellow La Liga stars Eden Hazard, with a rating of 91 and 83-rated Luka Jovic.

Premier League players involved include a 78-rated Joelington, fresh off his Newcastle United move, 79-rated Manchester United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka and West Ham United’s 83-rated Sebastien Haller.Click to Buy more madden 19 coins

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