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Passive Transceiver with Surge Protection
Passive Transceiver with Surge Protection

The Vigitron Vi1001F is a passive transmission device that transports video signals over unshielded twisted pair wires, point-to-point, for distances up to 750 feet (228 m). Distances up to 3,000 feet (915 m) can be achieved when it is used with Vigitron active receivers.cctv passive video balun

It uses category 2-7 twisted pair wires, is easy to install and cost effective, and does not require power. The Vi1001F's unique and compact design allows mounting directly to the video source or receiver without needing any additional cabling. It is compatible with all qualified cameras with built-in twisted pair transmitter.

The Vi1001F has built-in surge suppression to protect video equipment against damaging voltage spikes. Its crosstalk and noise immunity ensure quality video signals. The Vi1001F offers quality video in a compact size. It is ideal for a wide variety of security and surveillance applications.

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