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SoundChip Opens New Noise Cancelling Engineering Centre in UK
SoundChip Opens New Noise Cancelling Engineering Centre in UK

SoundChip, a Lausanne-based global leader in hearable sound technology, announced the opening of a new engineering centre focused on the research and development of advanced noise cancelling (NC) technology. "Noise cancellation is an increasingly important feature for our customers, especially in the Bluetooth and True-Wireless-Stereo (TWS) product segments. As customers look to deploy class-leading noise cancelling and smart audio features across a wider range of products and price-points, it is imperative that we grow our capacity to support them, and our new facilities represent an important first step", said Mark Donaldson, CEO of SoundChip.otp voice chip

Conveniently located between Manchester and Liverpool airports, the new facilities, which form part of the SciTech Daresbury campus, comprise three biometrically secured laboratories, enabling "IP Clean Room" end-product development. Each lab is provisioned with its own state-of-the-art acoustic measurement equipment, including diffuse-field-emulators and reference head-and-torso-simulators (HATS). Additionally, to facilitate the precise cataloguing of developmental work-in-process (WIP), the centre also comprises a secured materials repository.

SoundChip also announced today that it would support the design-in of certain third-party NC chips in addition to its own class-leading and power-efficient HD-PA devices by way of the company's proven Waypoints end-product development process and Soundstation computer-aided-engineering and production tools.

Mark Donaldson stated, "SoundChip recognises that in a growing marketplace, integrated circuits are optimised for specific target applications. With this announcement today, we have chosen to provide our customers with access to a more diverse range of electronics and software solutions where it makes best sense to do so."

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