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Hong Kong couple charged with rioting in last week protests tie the knot

Gym owners Elaine To and Tong Wai-hung walked out of Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry in Central into a hail of claps and cheers on Sunday afternoon, much like countless newlyweds before them.To get more china local news, you can visit shine news official website.

Tong, 38, joyfully lifted the bride onto his shoulder, as To, 41, smiled and raised a bouquet of flowers to family and friends.But it was no ordinary wedding, because To and Tong were among 44 arrested and charged over an extradition bill protest last Sunday.

The pair were jointly charged - along with 16-year-old Natalie Lee Yuen-yui - with one count of rioting.Police alleged they took part in a riot on Des Voeux Road West near Western Street last Sunday.

Tong and To were released on bail last Wednesday and decided to go ahead with their plans to wed."We had already applied for registration before what happened on July 28," To said.

"We are safe for now, and we will continue to do what we do and what we have planned, as normal."Tong also said nothing would have put him off going through with the wedding."I never thought we couldn't get married - even if there was a nuclear explosion, I would still marry her," he said before the couple signed the papers.

At 2.15pm, the couple and dozens of friends and family crammed into a room inside the registry to witness the ceremony.There were no rings to exchange, but each gave a short speech.Tong thanked attendees for their faith in the couple.After the incident, the first thing you all asked was if I was OK," Tong said.

"Not to criticise me or ask me what have I done."To also thanked friends and family for their support."No matter what happens in the future, I'll be living through it with Tong Wai-hung," To said.We support you!" the attendees chanted in response.

Among the guests was Civic Party lawmaker Tanya Chan, who described the couple as "fearless and sweet"."I hope they can stick together and the lawsuit can be resolved in their favour," Chan said.To and Tong are set to appear in court next on September 25.

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