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Sabre offers both concrete and metal outdoor cabinet enclosures

Sabre’s concrete cabinets feature a concrete floor, roof and end walls with steel insulated doors on both side walls for full access without entering the cabinet.outdoor battery cabinet

Available in standard widths from 6’ to 11’6” and lengths up to 53’, the Sabre Concrete Cabinet is an outstanding robust, cost effective, long service life solution for domestic and international projects. Custom widths, lengths and configurations are also available. When site conditions allow the Sabre concrete floor provides suitable support for placement on a compacted earth/aggregate base eliminating the need for expensive and time consumptive concrete foundations.

Inside, the cabinets hold equipment accessible by personnel from the outside, which simplifies project permitting. Sabre can provide custom racks that integrate into the cabinet’s structural, electrical, and thermal control system. Adaptable to many configurations, they also come in ballistic and storm-rated options, and an extended base is available if a porch is needed for exterior equipment.

Sabre’s engineering team has the ability to custom engineer a Concrete Cabinet that meets your US and International requirements while providing seamless integration. Sabre’s technicians perform integration and equipment testing within our dedicated, climate-controlled facility. Sabre’s 400,000 sq ft Louisiana manufacturing facility can handle your largest projects. Sabre’s Field Services include offloading, placement and battery module installation.

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