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Actuator solutions for electric couches and tables
Actuator solutions for electric couches and tables With more and more patients to care for, the healthcare sector is constantly looking for ways to improve the working environment of treatment providers. Optimal ergonomics is a priority, and by using LINAK actuators you can offer comfortable and ergonomic couches/tables for treatment or examination that afford almost silent operation and are imbued with several other valuable benefits.Electric Massage therapy Bed Back pain and spinal disorders are very common health problems among nurses and doctors. That is why improved ergonomics and flexible, easily-controlled electric adjustment of treatment and examination couches/tables are obvious focus areas. LINAK provides unique actuator solutions and systems that are suitable for use with any type of table or couch – from the most basic to the most advanced. With LINAK, you have a vendor with a product portfolio that is so extensive you can build a system that meets your needs to a tee. Whether you need basic height adjustment, a parallel or scissor solution, or a more advanced setup with backrest or leg support adjustment, you do not need to worry about integration. Everything fits together and is very easy to mount and use. Design freedom is yours. All LINAK products are thoroughly tested as a system before they leave the factory. This is done to ensure reliability and a long service life, with a minimal need of maintenance. The LINAK SDT (Service Data Tool) can even help warn you if the system needs service to reduce the downtime on the couches and tables. However, this is an optional value-adding feature.

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