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Precision Custom Stamping
Precision Custom Stamping At Acro, we have over 70 years of expertise in metal stamping, and we specialize in running progressive and compound dies produced in our in-house toolroom; for the production of tight tolerance small or medium sized parts (electrical components, connectors, shims & washers). These parts are custom engineered and we often assist in the design or re-engineering of components for maximum manufacturability.metal stamping parts Our custom engineered metal stamping services will allow us to assist you in the design and re-engineering of your custom engineered metal stamping parts. Including solidworks, logopress, and more; our engineered metal stamping services provides you with maximum manufacturability, as well as cost reduction. If you’re looking for precision metal stamping of ferrous, non-ferrous, or plastics, you’ve come to the right place. Our engineers, skilled programmers, and expert machinists are able to design and manufacture parts based on your requirements. Our hybrid servo presses allow us to stamp out parts that used to require a laser. Almost no tolerance is too close All types of material-thickness from .002 – .500 All sizes from 3/32 diameter and up Stock thousands of washer dies No tooling charge on most washers

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