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Sectéra Wireless GSM Phone
Sectéra Wireless GSM Phone The Sectéra® Wireless GSM® Phone provides end-to-end high assurance secure voice and data communications for commercial GSM wireless networks. The Sectéra Secure Wireless Phone also can be used as a regular wireless phone, both domestically and abroad, and can exchange secure voice and data communications with the Sectéra Wireline Terminal connected to an analog desktop phone.fixed wireless gsm desk phone Type 1 encryption in a mobile phone Regular and secure calls from the same phone both domestically and abroad with GSM worldwide coverage NSA certified for Top Secret codeword and below Approved for the encryption of all levels of NATO classified information Features and conveniences of a commercial wireless phone Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) compliant and interoperable ALL THE FEATURES OF A COMMERCIAL PHONE The Sectéra Secure Wireless Phone for GSM consists of: A commercial Motorola Timeport™ GSM Tri-band phone The Sectéra clip-in Security Module that provides Type 1 high assurance end-to-end security Its features include: Small size Long battery life Web browsing Hands-free accessories Caller ID and missed call indicator High quality voice (both regular and secure calls) GPRS data services (General Packet Radio Service) Sectéra, Edge and TalkSECURE are trademarks of General Dynamics. Timeport is a trademark of Motorola, Inc. GSM is a registered trademark of GSM Association

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