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Pulse 80W Will not Include Gene Chip – Tony Voopoo Dilemma

The new Pulse 80W with Gene Chip has had everyone anxiously awaiting its release. All signs were pointing to an early April launch, however some bad news has just surfaced that could possibly delay the release of the regulated Pulse 80W squonker.

The Gene Chip had seen immense success with voopoo vape own DRAG box mod, and was arguably the main feature that had people excited about the new Pulse. Squonkers would not only be getting a mod by Vandy Vape that they already know and love, but would also be getting Voopoo’s reliable Gene Chip that would fire at up to 80W. It seemed like a match made in heaven.

However, Tony B released a video on March 14th on his YouTube channel to explain what has been going on with the Pulse 80W and unfortunately, he came bearing some bad news. The new regulated Pulse will no longer include Voopoo’s proprietary Gene Chip. Tony B. explained his side of the story and why this would no longer be happening, followed by Voopoo responding. We’ve summarized it all for you down below to save you some time.
Firstly, When Vandy Vape and Tony B started designing the new Pulse 80W, they had a chip of their own in development that they were planning on using, but Tony B. wanted to use the Gene Chip. Because of this they reached out to Voopoo, and Tony B stated that Vandy Vape and Voopoo secured a contract for 40,000 chips at an agreed upon price. Because of this agreement, Voopoo was given access to the plans and design of the mod.

Then, on the last day of ECC a well known vendor came up to Tony B. This vendor apparently told Tony B. that he should be careful with Voopoo, because he knows at least three other people who have tried to work with Voopoo and at the last minute Voopoo has raised their prices by 15, 20, or 30%.

Tony decided to hope for the best but around Chinese New Year, which was the time that the units were supposed to be delivered, Voopoo apparently came back to Vandy Vape and said that they wanted a 15% increase in price. Vandy Vape agreed but this meant that the Pulse 80W would no longer ship with the refill bottle, in order to keep consumer prices low.
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