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Top Massage Tables Reviewed

Whether you’re a massage therapist, you’re training to become a qualified therapist, or you provide massage as part of a more comprehensive package, like sports injury or back pain management, it’s crucial to find the best portable massage table.portable Massage table Bed

If you’re using a table on a daily basis, and you’re treating paying customers, quality is key. Comfort also plays a vital role, and some buyers will also be influenced by size, weight, and portability.

With a vast array of massage tables on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down the options and decide which single product is best for you. The good news is that we’ve done the legwork for you, so you can put your feet up, read our reviews, and then make a decision. We’ve looked at factors like versatility, cost, and comfort to bring you a list of the top contenders.
EARTHLITE is a very well-known manufacturer of massage equipment. Based in California, EARTHLITE has an excellent reputation, and it offers a wide range of massage tables packed with innovative features for all budgets. One of the best things about EARTHLITE is its commitment to eco-friendly operations. This is a zero carbon footprint company. The Harmony DX model is a versatile, all-in-one product, which boasts an adjustable face cradle, a sturdy maple frame and a nylon carry case.
EARTHLITE’s Harmony DX massage table is designed for comfort, and it has a patented adjustable face cradle, which is made using a Cloudfill poly-gel blend. Suitable for all clients or patients, the position of the face cradle can be adapted to provide superior comfort and relaxation. The body of the table boasts hand-upholstered, soft duel cushioning with a Natursoft covering that is both soft and durable.

EARTHLITE recognizes the importance of mobility and flexibility when it comes to running a massage business or traveling from one location to the next. The Harmony DX portable massage table is easy to assemble, pack up and transport, so you can massage on the move with minimal hassle.

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