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Vladdin new Color Edition with Upgraded Pod

April has arrived, what is your new plan for it? And how about your Fools’ Day?Here is good news that the first batch of new color vladdin (Black and Red) released.

And we are giving away 5*VLADDIN RE NEW COLOR KIT to ECF family. Hope you have good luck at the beginning of April!
Pod sides are redesigned to avoid the unsteady connection between the pod and the battery
* Corners of the battery top and bottom are deburred and smoothened.
* The seal silicon base is thickened to eliminate leakage from sides.
* To distinguish the updated pods from old ones, we apply frosted finish to new pods instead of polished finish.
1)Answer the question: What is your favorite color of Vladdin? Red or Blue?
2) Tag three of your real friends to join the Giveaway;

Ps: This giveaway is worldwide, but make sure that you are 18 years old or older to enter.
Winners will be announced on next Wednesday. ( 10th April)
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Vape WHOLESALE INQUIRY: https://www.ave40.com/wholesale-service.html

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