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Fifa 20 - EA please add a fully implemented Coop mode to FUT
Fifa 20 - EA please add a fully implemented Coop mode to FUT

fifa 20 fut coins has by far been my least played since Fut first began. The same modes, no variety and the model has become stale for me. What would by far prolong my playing time, along with my mates - is a fully realised Fut Co-op mode!
Some ideas:
Must Have*
Rivals, Tourneys and Fut Champs are available solely for Coop players (seperate to the individual player modes);
Coop players only verse other Coop players
Dedicated servers
Nice to have
Shared resources - so the ability to send coins and packs into your Coop club. For example, rewards gained from Coop Rivals and Coop Fut Champs - are allocated to that partnership/mini club.
Could be similar to Pro Clubs - where you have an owner of the club and they manage the resources (like a Guild leader in an MMO sense). More than 2 people could be in the club and resources cannot be drawn out of the club into individual accounts (So EA maintain their money making model for individual clubs....).
Imagine sharing the stress, joy and rewards with your mates in Coop Fut Champs! For the dedicated player base, you could still play both Coop and Individual WL. Individual WL could still be 30 games, while Coop could be around 15-20.fut coins online Buy Now

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