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Walmart plans to open 17 high-end Sam’s Club stores across China by 2020
Walmart plans to open 40 of its high-end membership Sam’s Club stores in China by 2020 as it continues to expand its retail footprint.To get more sam's club china, you can visit shine news official website.

The US retail giant currently operates 23 Sam’s Club stores across 19 Chinese cities and boasts around two million members.

The stores, which offer quality fresh produce and membership products for customers, have been growing steadily since launching in 1996.

The Sam’s Club stores are part of Walmart’s China business, which also includes hypermarkets and compact ‘community-based’ small supermarket businesses. Walmart also operates an online grocery delivery business JD Daojia, through a partnership with JD.com, as well as WeChat mini program, which has more than 30 million members.

Walmart is looking to continue to grow its footprint in China, last year it opened 33 new stores, including four Sam's Club, 21 hypermarkets and eight compact supermarket stores.

The company is focused on integrating AI and big data to help drive growth as well as the ongoing integration of its online-and-offline businesses.

Doug McMillon, president and chief executive of Walmart, told China Daily that China remains one of the retailer’s most important markets.

This article is about: China, Retail, Retail Marketing, Ecommerce, Walmart, Jd.com, Advertising, Marketing, Brand.Sam’s Club China plans 40 more stores across China by the end of the year – with online sales anticipated to account for 13–15 per cent of its income throughout the territory by that time.

The company says it will shortly launch a Sam’s Club store in Shanghai’s Qingpu, the second in Shanghai for the brand, which first opened in the city eight years ago in Pudong.

Sam’s Club operates as a members-only retail chain with a 2 million-strong membership.

“As we expand our business across China we also want to control quality and to make sure shoppers enjoy the shopping experience”, said president of Sam’s Club China Andrew Miles.

Sam’s Club’s existing Shanghai store underwent renovations that were completed last month, adding a wine tasting space, pharmacy, jewellery counter and optical center for eyewear.

“The remodelling of existing storefronts doesn’t just reflect a newer format but the way we treat our members and how we recruit members and introduce Sam’s Club” said Miles.

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