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NBA 2K19 Archetype Guide - The Best Archetypes

To optimize the creation and get the best builds for your player in NBA 2K19 (to play Pro-AM but also MyCareer), here are the best combinations of NBA 2K19 archetypes by position.The archetype system of NBA 2K19 can sometimes be difficult to understand since the game has become very complete,NBA 2K19 MT Coins forcing players to test many combinations to find the two most effective archetypes and thus get the most possible badges.The series of NBA 2K is known for its realism but also for the complexity of its system of creation and optimization of the characters. Indeed, the use of archetypes and badges make this process difficult to master for inexperienced players.

That's why we have created a guide to introduce you to the different elements to take into account in the creation of your player on NBA 2K19 (do not hesitate to consult our list of advice for career mode).The archetype is your player's general style of play. This one will have an influence on its basic attributes (its scores of shots, pass, speed) but also on the maximum score of these last ones. Thus, a player will not be able to get a high score in 3-point shooting if he has not selected an archetype related to shooting.Badges are also related to your archetype choices and will allow you to unlock specific moves as well as additional skills, which can make the difference when your character gets a high overall rating.

Thus, a player with a score of 99 overall ratings, could be worse than another player at the equivalent score, if the latter has more Gold and Hall of Fame badges. Our list of the best combinations of archetypes per position also takes into account the number of badges obtained with these choices.Although quite complex and quite rigid (fans of the series complain about the need to play with the best builds), this system nevertheless pushes players to analyze their own style of play but also to understand the operation of the archetypes. And even if it can take a little time (where then use our guides), finding the right combination makes the progression of your character all the more interesting. buy more mut 19 coins Click Here

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