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Will Quaid know when to pack it in for the good of

Miami New Times


Will Quaid know when to pack it in for nfl jerseys china the good of the team? Will Foxx overcome his own ego and work with his teammates? Will Pacino let his personal dislike of Foxx cloud his judgment? Will financial concerns overpower personal ones? Will the big game be decided in wholesale nfl jerseys the final ten seconds? We may have seen endless variations of these elements before, but Stone handles them effortlessly, pumping up the nfl jerseys cheap adrenaline with music from the likes of Clickkeyword[Moby+(Musician)]" >Moby and Clickkeyword[Robbie+Robertson]" >Robbie Robertson, sprinkled with snippets of Indian chanting and even an excerpt from the Run wholesale jerseys Lola Run soundtrack.


At one point, when Quaid's injured quarterback is writhing in pain, he says of his painkiller dosage: "I'm a football player; they've got to pump up cheap jerseys the volume here!" We would expect nothing less from Oliver Stone, and he has done so gloriously. There's no doubt that hard core fans will find some of the action less than realistic, but what the actors don't have in experience is more than made up for by the sheer bombast of the production. It's hard to beat the NFL for over the top spectacle, but trust Clickkeyword[Hollywood]" >Hollywood to rise to the challenge.

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