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Day survivor from Pinehurst among WWII veterans honored

Day survivor from Pinehurst among WWII veterans honored


Fourteen American veterans from World War II, including a Pinehurst man who landed at Omaha Beach, will be honored by France Thursday in a ceremony at the State Capitol. at the State Capitol. The Legion of Honor, founded by Napoleon in 1802, is the highest honor in France.


One of those being honored is Gerald M. Anderson of Pinehurst, who calls June 6, 1944, the "most terrible day of my life."


Anderson, 91, was in the 16th Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. He was on the second wave to land at Omaha Beach in the Normandy invasion.


Anderson said he was one of about 38 soldiers packed into a landing craft for D Day, and he could hear bullets, mortars and German artillery shells landing as the boat approached Omaha Beach.


"Guys were getting sick and throwing up all over the place," he said.


Anderson said he was about eight or 10 guys back when the front ramp opened and fire poured in cheap jerseys from German automatic weapons. He dove into waist deep water cheap jerseys and headed for a sandbar halfway to shore.


Once there, he moved toward to the edge of the water, hiding behind debris. Air Force, wholesale jerseys but there were none.


"Whatever they did dropped inland," he said.


That left thousands of Americans with little shelter on the beach as murderous German fire poured in.


"You could see the wholesale nfl jerseys Germans up there moving around," Anderson said. troops organized in small groups and fought their way off the beach and up the bluffs.


"There was only one place to go," he said. "We were not going to swim back to England."


Asked how he survived, he said, "Just cheap nfl jerseys luck."


Anderson job was to clear mines and booby traps, and he kept a map of Europe with blue marks where his team lost men. Those blue marks included well known fights like the Battle of the Bulge.


Anderson, who went to war from a small town in Illinois, worked in Washington after the war and eventually retired to Pinehurst.


His time in what been called the Greatest Generation, and his participation in the epic events of D Day, doesn leave him with any doubts that other generations are capable of the same.


"I don t think there any doubt this is [generation] is different. But if it was the same circumstances, if people knew what they were facing, I think the response would be cheap nfl jerseys the same," he said. "Down deep, Americans have something they never want to give up, and that freedom."


American soldiers France will honor Thursday at the State Capitol


George F. Tyson Jr, from Mebane (Ret. Colonel, L Company, 399th Infantry Regiment, 100th Infantry Division)


John Salop from Charlotte (Commander, USS. Charles F. Hughes)


Allen D. Evans from Chapel Hill (Staff Sergeant, Headquarters Battery, 76th Field Artillery Battalion)

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