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My first introduction was to get blonde highlights

Hair Color Junkie As a young 14 year old girl, I loved going with my mum to the hairdresser's when she www.nfljaguarsofficialshop.com/Marqise_Lee_Jersey_Jaguars was due to get her "roots done". Having the fascination in all things cosmetic, it was a natural progression that I too would be keen to experiment with hair color.


My first introduction was to get blonde highlights and it turned into a regular outing mother and daughter could share for those 2 3 hours every 6 weeks.


Now some 30 plus years later, I have had highlights, low lights and permanent colors in an assortment of blondes, reds and auburn shades. Experimentation is my middle name!


I have had the opportunity to attend numerous training courses at home and abroad in different coloring techniques with internationally established brands including Wella and Revlon. This gave me a huge insight into the products and applications used for the commercial market.


Ah yes, you could say I am a color junkie when it comes to my hair and love the shock factor that it gives to friends and family.


The luxury of visiting a hair salon for color is an expense many cannot afford now, including myself, so knowing it is possible to naturally hide gray by using common kitchen ingredients is music to my ears!


For example, here in Dublin for me to get a permanent color done at my hairdresser's on their "special promotion" is 85 100 euros.


I would have had this or a similar treatment done every 8 weeks equalling approximately 700 euros a year spent on coloring my short hair and hiding those dreaded gray hairs. Money that was unnecessarily spent and quite outrageous.


Hiding Gray Hair Naturally There are great alternatives to try depending on the color you wish to produce from light blonde to black hair.


They will give beautiful shiny, healthy hair with gorgeous hues and tones which you can then experiment with.


Here are some excellent homemade recipes to hide the gray naturally, using kitchen cupboard ingredients that may be purchased at supermarkets, health stores or online for bulk buying!


They may not be as instant a fix as using chemical based products but they will provide color coverage with repeat use and be pampering chemical free treatments that won't break the bank.


Add the sage and vinegar to the saucepan and simmer for 15 minutes.


Remove from stove and strain the vinegar and sage leaves into the bowl or if using dried sage, then strain through the cheesecloth.


Allow to cool to a lukewarm temperature.


Sieve the kaolin into the bowl a small amount at a time. The amount depends on the consistency you prefer. For a mask like consistency, use more kaolin and for a creamy consistency use less kaolin. Add the egg yolk and mix it in well. If you wish, you may add olive oil which helps condition the hair. If consistency is too runny, keep sieving kaolin and mixing in well to your requirements.


Applying The Color :


Wear an old t shirt or top for the color application to avoid staining any "good clothing".


Apply the petroleum jelly around the entire hairline at least an inch wide to avoid product staining the skin.


Put on the surgical gloves.


With your comb divide the hair into 4 equal sections and use the hair clips to clip back. Using either the color bottle or color brush apply the color starting at the roots and working down the hair, working it in evenly. If you wish you may use your hands instead to distribute the color.

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