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9 Weird Tricks to Outsmart Your Bad Mood

9 Weird Tricks to Outsmart Your Bad Mood


Are you in a bad funk today? Treat yourself to a bar of dark chocolate. Or jump on a trampoline. Or get a nice www.cheapjordans.us/air-jordan-retro-112012/air-jordan-retro-1820 plate of leafy cheap air jordan retro 19 greens at your neighborhood salad bar.


Though a crabby mood is most often circumstantial such as bad traffic, an unpleasant boss or simply sleep deprivation you can try giving yourself a cheap air jordan retro 17 natural mood boost with vitamin B12 or simply straightening your posture and not www.cheapjordans.us/air-jordan-retro-112012/air-jordan-retro-1921 slouching your shoulders.


When all else fails, spend a little bit of cash on another person. Treat www.cheapjordans.us/air-jordan-retro-112012/air-jordan-retro-1719 your best friend to ice cream. Donate five dollars to charity. Studies have shown that people who are given a small amount of cash feel significantly better when they spend it to treat another person rather than spending that same amount to treat themselves.


Got your own weird tricks for turning your bad mood into a good one? Share with us.


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Scientists have good and bad news for hard driving cheap air jordan retro 16 people who boast they need only six hours of sleep a night. The good news is a few may be right: Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have identified a family with a genetic mutation that causes members cheap air jordan 18 shoes to require only six hours sleep a night. The bad news? The gene is vanishingly rare in humans, found in less than 3% of people.


So almost everyone who says he needs only six hours' sleep is kidding www.cheapjordans.us/air-jordan-retro-112012/air-jordan-retro-1618 himself. And the consequences of chronic sleep deprivation are serious, says Clete Kushida, president of the American Academy.

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