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MARSEILLE, June 14 (Xinhua) -- A French court has sentenced six English soccer fans to jail for their involvement in the violent clashes that marred Saturday's England-Russia game at the Euro 2016 tournament.


The men were convicted on Monday after appearing at a Marseille court during a five-hour session. They were imprisoned for between one and three months for throwing bottles at either police, rival supporters or both.


The court also sentenced a French man to prison for a year and an Austrian to a five-month prison term for their roles in the three-day violence that left the streets of Marseille littered with shattered glass and torn furniture.


One of the English men was given a suspended one-month sentence and all were banned from France for two years.


Chief Marseille prosecutor Brice Robid told the press that no Russian fans were charged in the violence but confirmed two Russian nationals were arrested both for invading the pitch at the Saturday match, which ended in a 1-1 draw.


Robin said earlier that "extremely well-trained" Russian supporters were behind three days of clashes that had juried around 35 people.


The violence was the worst seen at an international tournament since the 1998 World Cup in France.


by Abdul Haleem Air Jordan 11 For Sale , Jawid Omid


KABUL, May 23 (Xinhua) -- "I have been running this book store since the 1960s and kept it open for book lovers even during Taliban's brutal reign," Hajji Shah Mohammad, owner of the bookstore Air Jordan 1 For Sale , told Xinhua in a recent interview.


Mohammad's tale only shows that the culture of reading and love for books transcend political upheavals and the test of time.


The two-room bookstore, which can be found in a dilapidated building in downtown Kabul, has served Afghan book lovers for more than five decades.


Mohammad said his personal collection has reached 18,000 books on different subjects about Afghanistan. His collection Air Jordan For Sale , properly catalogued and displayed on shelves, includes books in Chinese and Japanese.


Since opening his bookstore and modest library in the l960s, Mohammad has experienced ups and downs but because of perseverance and hard work he was able to survive Afghanistan's more than three decades of turmoil and political unrest.


In order to cater to a more sophisticated clientele and in keeping with the times, Mohammad has opened his own website.


"I have a website which is used by both foreigners and locals. Because of security problems Jordan 13 For Sale , my clients, especially foreigners who cannot go out of their offices, just open our website at their embassies and offices and order online and later ask their employees to collect the books that they ordered," Mohammad added.


Mohammad said that during the Taliban regime Jordan 9 For Sale , his bookstore was vandalized by hardline militants who do not believe in the importance of books and reading materials.


"The Taliban religious police came to my bookstore here one day in 1999 and burned several of my books because they contain pictures of human beings and animals. Even the picture of a butterfly was forbidden by them," he recalled.


The Taliban's six-year reign, which ended after the invasion of Afghanistan by U.S.-led military coalition in late 2001, had banned photo shops Jordan 11 For Sale , television channels, cinema, music and all forms of entertainment.


The Taliban believes that taking pictures is a breach of Islamic teaching and anyone caught taking pictures of living creatures was punished. Only photos for passport and travel documents were allowed.


Nowadays, however Jordan 1 For Sale , aside from Mohammad's bookstore there are about a dozen other bookstores found in Kabul, aside from libraries, newspaper stalls, printing presses and photo shops.


Some 70 television channels Jordan Shoes For Sale , more than 100 radio stations in Kabul and provinces and hundreds of newspapers, weekly and fortnightly and magazines are operating in the post-Taliban period.


Booksellers can now sell even imported books for children and television channels run animated clips portraying animals and other creatures, all banned during the Taliban regime.


But suicide attacks by the remnants of the Taliban still pose a threat to the security of Kabul and the country in general.


In mid-January, a suicide attack against a government agency near Shah Mohammad's bookstore left seven people Air Jordan 13 For Sale Mens , including the attackers, dead, and injuring 33 others. The attack also damaged a portion of the bookstore.




DAR ES SALAAM, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- China-Africa Public Diplomacy Forum opens on Tuesday in Tanzania's Dar es salaam with over 100 representatives from both China and Africa, including officials, businessmen, experts and media professionals.


The Chinese people will never forget the help from the African people, and the two peoples are connected by heart and soul, said Li Zhaoxing, chairman of China Public Diplomacy Association in his speech at the opening ceremony.


The forum focused on exploring opportunities for future development and shared diplomatic perceptions so as to understand the divergence of opinions which could lead to misunderstandings.


"The media in China and Africa should work closely in sharing dreams of development between China and African countries," said Nape Nnauye, the Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports at the forum.


Nnauye said it was important for the media to play a role in bridging the gap between the peoples of China and Africa.


"Chinese people are not only our friends but they are also our brothers and sisters," said the minister.


Nnauye said the media could also promote national culture and safeguard stability.


"It's high time now the media should wake up and disseminate good news to the world instead of portraying the African continent negatively," he said.


Zhao Qizheng, the Dean of School of Journalism of China's Renmin University, said he was optimi. Cheap Chiefs Jerseys   Wholesale Cardinals Jerseys   Wholesale Broncos Jerseys   Wholesale Bills Jerseys   Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys   Wholesale Chicago Bears Jerseys   Wholesale Minnesota Vikings Jerseys   Wholesale Tennessee Titans Jerseys   Wholesale Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys   Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jerseys 

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