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Goa [url=http://www.thelightninghockeystore.com/Lightning-Ryan-Mcdonagh-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Ryan McDonagh Jersey[/url] , the little territory on India’s western coast a little more than 300 miles from the country’s famous financial and glamour hub of Mumbai (aka Bollywood), has such a reputation as a party oasis for free spirits and for happy (not to mention decadent and debauched) carousing in a way that India’s straightlaced and conventional culture would never allow, that it attracts the tourist crowds for its sun, and its beach parties all the way from America and Australia. But popular India travel guide versions of Goa seem to end right there, not going beyond to some of the best things you get to do when you arrive. Shaking the hangover off [url=http://www.thelightninghockeystore.com/Lightning-Steven-Stamkos-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Steven Stamkos Jersey[/url] , stepping off to some of its many unspoilt beaches, lands you in a tropical paradise that looks like something out of a comic book for the way it seems to have something of everything, all in one place – lush greenery, old abandoned temples, rolling countryside – it becomes easy to see how this was the place the European settlers from Portugal first landed centuries ago [url=http://www.thelightninghockeystore.com/Lightning-Nikita-Kucherov-Adidas-Jersey/]Authentic Nikita Kucherov Jersey[/url] , to try to establish a trading post. Let’s look at some of the offbeat Goa attractions you really should take in.


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